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KZN Police officers #1,When it comes to rape, murder and corruption!

South African KZN police arrested

The Independent Police Investigative Directive (Ipid) report for 2014-2015 has been released to the public, the IPD investigate crimes committed by members of the South African Police Services (SAPS)

The report ranks KZN police officers as the highest offenders across all nine provinces, most notable ‘death in police custody’, ‘rape by police officer’, ‘torture’, ‘corruption’ and ‘murder’

The report listed more than 2 700 cases of misconduct against the police, including more than 100 murders, more than 60 rapes and 1 745 cases of assault in South Africa. Corruption in the police, including the sale of dockets, exhibits, extortion, soliciting bribes and issuing fraudulent papers, was also high nationally.

An Ipid report published in 2013 revealed there had been a 60 percent increase in the number of criminal and brutality cases lodged against KZN police officers over the years.

Looking at the report it is easy to see that nepotism and political placements have led to bad policing, the national crime statistics released last year saw a sharp increase in crime across the board, however this was downplayed by the then SA Police commissioner Riah Phiyega before she was shown the door.

If the first two months of 2016 are anything to go by, we will see yet another spike when the 2016 crime stats are released towards the end of the year. The crime situation in South African cannot be remedied without a strong, dedicated police force free from corruption.

Disbanding AA and EEE

Many calls have been made to scrap AA and BEE policies towards the police force and re-employ or use the consulting services of white ex South African Police men and women to make SAPS great again, all of these have though fallen on deaf ears while politicians play politics for points, the average South African suffers not only from crime but from incompetent policing.

The most shocking part of the report though however is not the pure criminality that the people who are supposed to protect the citizens of the country display, but in the punishment handed out to those who commit these crimes. ‘written warnings’ and ‘suspension without pay’ for murders committed while in police custody just don’t leave me with that warm fuzzy feeling that the police who committed these crimes have received a proper punishment.



The full report can be downloaded from the IPD website or click here.

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