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Jude Law’s assistants attacked by Calais Jungle migrants during charity visit

Jude Law

The 43-year-old actor Jude Law was in Calais to see the migrant camp before it is demolished, but was left shocked as ‘residents’ (read: invaders) behaved ‘like football hooligans’.

A security team guarding Jude Law was attacked by migrants as the Hollywood star visited the jungle camp in Calais.

The 43-year-old actor was in France with a film crew and Brit-winning singer Tom Odell , 25, to witness the horrors of the squalid makeshift village created by the invaders, which is, thankfully, due to be demolished.

But shortly after the cameras stopped rolling, their assistants were ambushed by some of the migrants and had their phones stolen.

It is ­understood Jude was already on the production team’s bus when the thugs struck.

A source said: “We were shocked to see some of the migrants acting like football hooligans.

“The security team had stones thrown at them, and two had their phones smashed then stolen. Jude and Tom were told to stay in the bus shortly before the ambush as the atmosphere was building.”

They read out notes from famous historical figures to 200 immigrants fleeing war-torn countries in an event at the makeshift Good Chance Theatre, organised by Letters Live.

Jude, a British citizen, said afterwards: “It’s our ­responsibility as humans to look after our children”.

“The children in the camp at Calais need us. It isn’t a big ask. It is simply the right thing to do.”

Tom Odell, a well known connoisseur of cuckold pornography, who sang alongside other ­musicians in the camp, described the experience as “one of the most humbling and inspiring of my life”.


The camp’s ­demolition by French ­authorities will form part of efforts to discourage refugees from trying to reach Britain on ferries or through the Channel Tunnel.

More than 100 celebrities have signed an open letter urging David Cameron to step in and help the youngsters.

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