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Hate Speech in South Africa, it’s only for whites!

The official definition of “Hate Speech” in South Africa is as follows:

“[N]o person may publish, propagate, advocate or communicate words based on one or more of the prohibited grounds, against any person, that could reasonably be construed to demonstrate a clear intention to―

  1. be hurtful;
  2. be harmful or to incite harm;
  3. promote or propagate hatred.

The “prohibited grounds” include race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth.”

But it is abundantly clear that the above definition is purely for whites.

The last few weeks have seen an increase in anti-white rhetoric spilling out across social media platforms as well as at university campuses, yet the main stream media have only had fleeting reports on the hate speech being committed by blacks while throwing all their weight behind the so called ‘racism’ and ‘hate speech’ being done by whites.

Stellenbosch University

The recent case involving two white Stellenbosch University students who were painted purple for a “space party” shows exactly how quick the media and those left leaning Marxists in Academia are willing to go to ruin lives.

Social media was abuzz and South Africa black twitter were quick to launch and jump on the hashtag #blackface. The usual tropes were brought out and the sub-Saharan IQ was on full display.

A photo was circulated that at first glance would  appear that the girls had covered themselves from head to toe in black make up, this was then followed up with an apology on social media by one of the girls involved.

The MSM in South Africa were having a field day and were only too happy to bash white South Africans again for being “racist” and for spreading “Hate Speech”

The great thing about the internet is that for the most part it is not yet policed and other photos started to make the rounds on social media defending the girls, the other photos taken outside in sunlight and clearly showed that the girls were in fact purple, covered in sparkles and tinfoil, not quite what you would expect from racists in blackface.

Dressing like a purple alien is now considered racist and apparently promotes hate.

So why would these girls who were obviously painted in purple issue a statement apologizing for their “racism”.

Matthew Smorenburg

Enter Matthew (((Smorenburg))) @matsmorenburg Coordinator & ResHead of @Russelshouse , these poor girls facing a barrage of abuse on social media went to the University for advice and were told in no uncertain terms by (((Smorenburg))) to not seek legal advice, issue an apology and then they were subsequently suspended.

Surely Matthew knows the difference between Black and Purple, but taking a look through his twitter feed it appears that Mr. (((Smorenburg))) is quite anti-white, a bit of a drama queen and would have more than likely been salivating at the thought that this incident would be a perfect opportunity to do some moral signaling as well as indulging in a bit of self-flagellation.

The FF+ (a center right political party in SA) has requested that the SA Human Right Commission investigate the handling of the incident, especially the way in which Mr. Smorenburg abused his power and bullied these students into making a statement while informing them that any attempts to seek legal advice would clearly show the inherent “white privilege” they have.

Yes, these days seeking legal advice is now considered a ‘white privilege’ and we really should steer clear of all these things, it is 2016 after all, or in the words of Mr Smorenburg “wow, just wow”.

Smorenburg didn't defend the girls accused of spreading hate.

This incident follows on from the “Penny Sparrow” incident where an older white women made a post on Facebook comparing black people on a beach to monkeys, drawing the conclusion they both behave the same when it comes to making a mess on public beaches.

For anyone scratching their head at this comparison, please google “Durban beaches Christmas” you might think Google is broken and its showing you pictures of the Exxon Valdez leaking oil, but no that is in fact a beach.

Once again the tired Marxist tropes were dragged out, “racist”, “white supremacy”, “hate speech” and a full witch hunt ensued in the media and on SA Black Twitter, not only was Penny Sparrow doxed but also her family, the Sparrow family then received numerous death threats and had the EFF (Popular Marxist Political party in South Africa) march to her house and her daughters business.

Fuck White People

Now compare the incidents above to the incidents that have recently played out on campuses, we have black students spray painting buildings saying “Fuck White People”, we have black students walking around with t-shirts saying “Kill All White People” as well as “Fuck White People” and “Fuck White Tears”

None of these incidents have garnered the same media attention as the #blackface and #PennySparrowMustFall hashtags. We have not had politicians being quoted in the newspapers or on television coming out and denouncing this black racism, we have not heard anything about finding the people responsible and charging them with “Hate Speech”

The SA Human Rights Commission has issued statements saying that these are internal incidents and must be dealt with by the Universities themselves.

I may have missed it, but I didn’t see any attempts to dox these people or their families, any attempts to get them fired from their jobs, suspended from university or any political parties leading marches to their houses.

It’s very clear that racism and hate speech is only something white people are capable of, this is not a phenomenon that is restricted to South Africa and tied to its apartheid past, this is now the narrative that is held throughout the Western world.

This is not ‘Hate Speech’ as it advocates the ‘killing of whites’

This is Cultural Marxism 101 and their definition of racism is not based on the actions of one individual to another based on the colour of their skin, but that whites are inherently racist due to the fact that they hold power over minorities as well as being prejudice against minorities. “Prejudice plus power” was a term coined by Pat (((Bidol-Padva))) in 1970 and then popularized by Judith H. (((Katz))) in her 1978 book White Awareness: Handbook for Anti-Racism Training

Again this popular definition of racism is turned on its head in South Africa when whites point out they no longer have power, we are then told we have economic power, we own all the land  and we are just racists anyway so we should shut up and just accept our fate.

This type of rhetoric is on the increase, it is not being tackled by the government so they must be happy with it, our languages are being attacked, our culture dismantled and threats to “Kill All Whites” are now being paraded in the open.
“Kill All Whites” –> Good Luck, Challenge Accepted!


More, NOT “Hate Speech”


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