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EFF students want to remove the Afrikaans language

EFF students calling for removal of Afrikaans language

EFF a political party, also known as the Economic Freedom Fighters, is calling for a nationwide removal of the Afrikaans language; a language primarily spoken by Whites.

Protesters that want the Afrikaans language removed, among them EFF students, have started small fires just in front of the University of Pretoria.

When an EFF student was asked why she was protesting for the removal of the Afrikaans language, she said: “it wasn’t because we hate White people”.

Keetse, national spokesperson EFF Student Command

“If this was about race and the color of someone’s skin we would also be protesting for the removal of the English language”, Peter Keetse, the national spokesperson of EFF Student Command, added.

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The young fighters say that the biggest battle right now is to make sure that Afrikaans will be removed as the main language of the University of Pretoria.

But in the end the goal will be to have the language removed from all universities nationwide; or at least until the other languages are equally as much used in universities as Afrikaans.

The EFF and AfriForum, an organisation standing up for the cultures and languages of minority groups in South Africa, have been involved in heavy debates with each other.

Ending with the EFF threatening to escalate the current situation at the university and make the situation ungovernable when Afrikaans doesn’t get removed as a language.

AfriForum responded with a protest of their own using a human chain to show unity while chanting: “The Afrikaans language will stay”.

EFF members were seen throwing objects at AfriForum members during the protest.

EFF claims that use of the Afrikaans language is oppressive to Blacks

“We are talking about a language- Afrikaans -here that essentially oppresses, demonizes and harasses us”, Keetse said.

He also reiterated that when the EFF students are talking about “White people”, they’re not talking about all Whites, but merely those that provoke us and display “arrogant” behavior.

He added: “Obviously there are White people that aren’t racist. Not all White people are like Penny Sparrow”.

KwaZulu-Natal estate agent Penny Sparrow, who described black beach goers as “monkeys”.

One of the reasons why Jenny Sparrow describes Black beach goers as monkeys.
One of the reasons why Jenny Sparrow describes Black beach goers as monkeys.

Battle of Shimla Park

Keetse said that it’s their constitutional right to protest and that these protests are a result of their demands not being met.

He was referring to one of the protests, turned violent, dubbed as the “Battle of Shimla Park” when EFF youth members, during the first half of a Varsity Rugby- university rugby -match between Shimlas and Madibaz (two universities), entered the field and attacked the rugby players.

“We see no reason for our students to be attacked by White people”, Keetse ironically added, “EFF students shouldn’t be seen as an angry mob of students”.

According to Keetse: “Every reaction from our side you’ve seen so far is the result of the university’s policies and actions”.

However, he randomly added, “we will react to White people acting arrogant and will fight back when attacked”.

“We are not scared of White people. We will never be scared of White people. If they want a war, we will give them war; we’re more than prepared. We won’t be defeated in our country of birth”.

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