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Dutch political party want a ‘Nexit’

Nexit, Economic Impact of The Netherlands leaving the EU

If VNL (Vrij Nederland/Free Netherlands), a Dutch political party, has anything to say about it, every Dutch citizen- like its British counter-parts -should have the option to vote whether they want the Netherlands to stay in the European Union; or not.

As Britain has its Brexit, it would mean that the Netherlands would have their own ‘Nexit’ (previously researched by PVV – Freedom Party).

The party has presented a proposal in the Dutch parliament today in which they outline how they want to realize a referendum to get the Netherlands out of the European Union.

Joram van Klaveren, VNL, on Nexit

Joram van Klaveren, VNL member of parliament, has said today: “We’ve noticed that the Dutch people don’t support a European Union and we believe that the Dutch people have a right to let their voices be heard.

Especially now one of the largest countries, Great Britain, threatens to leave the EU, it becomes even more important that the voices of the Dutch people are going to be heard.

VNL believes that Dutch people want to vote on the Netherland’s EU membership, but it is still uncertain if they can count on the two other anti-EU parties: SP (Socialist Party) and the PVV (Freedom Party).

“We hope that other parties won’t block our proposal and that they, just as our party, also want to find out what Dutch people really think about the ever expanding European Union”, Van Klaveren said to a Dutch newspaper.

The party is very critical about the country’s EU-membership and is also against the Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement.

Van Klaveren said: “Research and polls on the ever expanding European Union have shown a variety of results over the years. This could be a great opportunity to see what the Dutch people really have to say about the changes the European Union has made over the years”.

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