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DA intend laying charges against EFF

The DA intend to lay criminal charges against the EEF Youth Command leader, Omphile Seleke who had posted instructions on the party’s official Facebook page detailing how to make petrol bombs along with a piece titled ““The Revolution continues” as reported earlier by Vanguard14

The Facebook post was then shared by the EFF Student Command at the University of Pretoria.

‘Violent and racially divisive language’

DA MP and DA Student organization leader, Yusuf Cassim said that the EFF had been using “violent and racially divisive language” when communicating with students at Universities across the country in the past week.

It would appear that the EFF’s leadership are turning a blind eye to this rhetoric and it is not surprising considering that the leader Julius Malema has already himself been charged with hate speech in the past for singing “kill the boer”

Cassim confirmed that the DA will also be laying a complaint at the South African Human Rights Commission for the comments made by Mr Seleke.

‘The white man are conniving’

When asked to respond to the reports that the DA will be laying charges, the EFF’s Student Command spokesperson, Peter Keetse said the DA “does not know what they are talking about” he then went on to make a statement that does not condemn Mr Seleke or seek to distance his actions from the party but instead blamed the white South Africans with the following bizarre statement “The black man has been angry for 22 years. The white man are conniving with the modern ANC. They want to be self-proclaimed messiahs.”

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