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Black Mob Violence Has Reached Australia


Two street gangs have clashed violently in a mob fight in Melbourne’s CBD, sending terrified innocent bystanders running from Federation Square and a Swanston Street cafe.

Police block path to crime scene
Police block path to crime scene

Others were forced back inside a restaurant for their own safety as a lengthy brawl erupted in Federation Square, where hundreds of families had gathered to celebrate the Moomba festival and watch the annual fireworks, about 10pm on Saturday.

“We were absolutely terrified,” said Troy West, from Bendigo, who spent 45 minutes locked inside a Federation Square restaurant as police tried to contain the rival groups outside.

The melee involved scores of youths believed to be members of the Apex and Islander 23 teenage street gangs, who had started clashing in the city from about 7.50pm.

Police used capsicum spray to disperse the gangs, but the groups then moved to Swanston Street, where they stormed Brunetti’s cafe in City Square and began hurling chairs.

Patrons who had been sipping coffee only moments earlier ran for safety, while others reportedly jumped on tables in a bid to avoid the violence.

The gangs also stopped trams along Swanston Street and surrounded a police car, according to reports.

Innocent bystanders were caught up in the chaos, with some being hit with capsicum spray and others suffering cuts and bruises.

“We treated a number of people in the CBD,” an Ambulance Victoria spokesman said.

“And, a number of people were taken to hospital for further treatment.”

Police were aware of the threat of violence, with reports surfacing on Saturday afternoon of the gangs’ plans to meet in the city.

The fight was reportedly organised over snapchat – a video messaging app – by the Apex gang.

A photo of weapons, including baseball bats, knuckle dusters, machetes and knives, was sent out over the social media app.

One of the gang members posted: “Moomba gon be lit aha.” (Nigger Speak)

Apex is a gang of young ‘Kangz’, known for violent car thefts across Melbourne’s south-east suburbs. Earlier this year, one of its young ‘Kangz’ threatened to walk into a Melbourne police station and shoot an officer.

In a statement on Sunday morning, police said they were investigating a “series of affrays”, as well as four robberies and an assault, which occurred in Federation Square and surrounding areas on Saturday night.

“Investigators also received information regarding four robberies, and an assault resulting in a male being conveyed to hospital,” the statement said.

“There have been several arrests for various offenses.”

‘dey dindu nuffin doh’

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