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Afrikaner mother attacked with new born in arms

Afrikaner mother attacked with new born in arms

As a mother stood with her daughter and holding her new born baby in her arms at the Department of Labor in Witbank, South Africa, they were robbed at gun point by a still unidentified Black male.

The incident occurred on Thursday, February 18 at approximately 09:10 when they were standing in the queue.

Ms. Helena de Lange alleged that she was outside the Department of Labor with her mother; De Lange was holding her new born baby.

They where then approached by four unknown Black men, one was armed with a firearm. That is when they started searching De Lange and her mother for any valuables.

As the suspects searched the two women, one clinging to the baby, they managed to get away with two cell phones and left without harming anyone.

Another incident; the same day

Later on that same day at 11:00 in Paul Street Ms Delance Stevens alleged that she was in her home when she heard the door bell ring.

She went to check to see who was at the door, that’s when she noticed an unknown Black person standing at the door.

He said to Stevens that he was looking for a guest house. While she was speaking to this suspect another suspect appeared from around the corner and pushed her against the wall.

Allegedly the suspect that was speaking to Stevens started walking closer to her and then he demanded that she handed over her money and jewelry.

Stevens told them that she does not have money, however they managed to get the jewelry from the safe and left.

The men were not armed and left straight away, once they left she managed to call her husband for help.

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