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Afghan men chase German girls through shopping-centre

Afghan men chase German girls

A group of 30 Afghani men chased 3 German girls, aged 15, 16, and 17, through the Sophienhof mall in Schleswig-Holstein state, Germany.

They used smartphones to record their rampage on the girls.

Police officers were called out to the scene. Several shoppers reported that the men insulted, and sometimes injured the officers attempting to arrest four men, two whom of which are culprits.

3 were released from detention, due to a ‘lack of grounds for detention’.

29 culprits remain free, whom will without a doubt commit more heinous crimes than this event.

Meanwhile, a group of Muslim women denied the event had taken place, and in their testimony, it was German men harassing Muslim women. Though there is no evidence of this, as eye witnesses say there was no such behavior taking place.

Shoppers in the area have reported great increases in theft, assault, and vandalism.

Several young girls reported to the police they were harassed too, after the incident got media attention.

More attacks on girls

Attacks in these styles are quite frequent now, making everyday life for Germans more fearful and anxiety filled.

The politicians of Germany don’t help the situation, especially when they blame German citizens for attacks by unruly immigrants. Such as Cologne mayor Henriette Reker, who said German woman need a “code of conduct” when around these rape machines.

Blaming and filling the German people with guilt, instead of taking action against these crimes, certainly does not help.

The forefathers of Germany are rolling in their graves, knowing the state of their once beloved country.

Attacks such as these will continue to happen, at increased rates, without a doubt. The more invaders flood through, the higher the rate. If this trend is allowed to continue, not just Germany, but all of Europe, as well as North America, will become irreconcilable cesspools that will be foreign to the world and the footprints of history.


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