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9yr old Girl, Brutally Murdered and MSM silent


This is what the international community sanctioned when they pushed to dismantle Apartheid in South Africa. Murdered children.

9 year old Kayla Meyer tied up with wire, raped and brutally murdered with a spade.

“kruipende volksmoord”

This can only be described as “kruipende volksmoord” – “Creeping Genocide”


No International Outrage, barely a mention in the South African MSM, South African politicians have not mentioned it and the leader of the political party (Democratic Alliance) that white liberals love has been silent.

Other family members murder, her mother Marietijie (45) her fiancé Kennith McCormack (42) and Kennith’s father Monty (75) who was visiting the couple from the UK

This was not a robbery, this was the ongoing genocide of white South Africans. There have been rumours that this was a dispute over wages between Mr McCormack and blacks that worked for him on his small holding. This makes perfect sense, life for blacks in Africa is cheap. It illustrates my point that white South Africans need to stop employing blacks, stop giving them any kind of work and any kind of money, charity or aid.

From 1 January 2016 to 12 March 2016 there have been 64 farm attacks and 17 murders.  In reality it is closer to 60 per day. That means 5 people are murdered on average every 120 minutes. These stats are at a worse death rate than the Iraq war.

White South Africans, you live under conditions that are only found in countries at war! Start acting accordingly!

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