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News » Islam » 8yr old Girl sexually assaulted by “Asian” man.
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8yr old Girl sexually assaulted by “Asian” man.

The Asian rape suspect

This cultural enrichment took place in a bakery, Leeds City Center, West Yorkshire.

An 8-year old British (white) girl was shopping with her mother and brother.

A man (pictured below) promptly started to sexually assault the young girl, after he took her to the back of the bakery and gagged her; Just after 3.30 P.M. on Friday, February 12. His identity is unknown.


“Asian” man

Police have listed him as an “Asian” man, late 30s, tall, bald, and has a beard. This man is clearly of Arabic and African ancestry, and the beard is that of your trademark Islamic cut. The only thing he’s missing is the balaclava, US issued military attire, a poorly kept soviet AK-47, and a goat sex toy.

“Distressing incident”

Detective Inspector Steeve Greenbank, of Leeds District Safeguarding Unit, said: “This was clearly a distressing incident for the young girl involved and her mother and we urgently need to speak to the man shown in the CCTV images.”

The West Yorkshire police only need to ‘urgently speak’ with this bastard? Are they just going to dismiss this as a case, in a fashion as say ‘lacking the evidence needed to make a proper investigation into the matter’? Or, will they simply ignore it, like when an “Asian” (Arab) street gang kidnapped 1400 white girls and used them as sex slaves?

There seems to be a demographic trend in Europe: Police refuse to investigate non-white crimes.

Yet, when a far-right nationalist group composed of whites start demonstrating their disgust in the situation; It’s all  of a sudden another Holocaust, they bring out the riot police and the media hounds about the occurrence for weeks.

We need to protect ourselves, and our children from this hellstorm of ‘multiculturalism’ and  ‘enrichment’. Otherwise, we’ll soon be getting enriched by a multicultural mix bullets and bombs from a variety of different non-white back-rounds. That’s the reality we’ll be in if we don’t act.

Stay vigilant. Fight #WhiteGenocide.


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